Jackets and Coats for Hourglass Shaped Women

The hourglass should aim to trim in the waist visually as this will further show off that perfect figure.Tailoring on jackets and coats is important for the hourglass figure and you should aim to still show off your waistline and figure silhouette.

hourglass jacket styles

Main Traits of a Hourglass Shape Figure.

  1. Bust and hips nearly the same size.
  2. Well defined waist – 9″ or more smaller than bust.
  3. Full Bust.
  4. Shapely Legs.

Ideal Coat and Jacket Length

The hourglass can wear all lengths of coats and jackets providing they make the most visually out of their body shape. Beware however of the full length coat with little or no tailoring, this length may not nip in enough at the waist and may leave you feeling like you are dressed in a sack.

Ideal Tailoring and Fit

trimming detail hourglassFitted or tailored coats and jackets will be one of the best choices for your hourglass figure. Well fitted jacket designs will slim down following the figure line into the waist and this will emphasize your figure beautifully. As an hour glass you are able to pick any length Tailored longer coats can work well too, especially with belts or small pleated waist detail.

Shoulders and Sleeves

The slim hourglass may want to create further curves by wearing padded shoulders and a slight flared coat bottom. Whilst the fuller hourglass should stick to a smoother lined coat style with no padded areas.

Try small, neat sleeves to soften your usually fleshy upper arms.

Collars and Necklines

neck detail hourglassAs the hourglass has an ample bust beware of too much detail, fur or bulk fabrics on the chest area. An asymmetrical neckline and front fastening will visually follow your figure curve and give you an even more sexy look. Long lapels fastening at the waist are a fabulous design for the hourglass.

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