Jackets and Coats for Pear Shaped Women

Jackets and coats follow the same rule as the tops, Pears should aim to trim in the hips and visually increase the size of bust and shoulders.

pear woman

Main Traits of a Pear Shape Figure.

  1. Wider hips and thighs
  2. Narrower shoulders
  3. Wider bottom
  4. Smaller bust

Ideal Coat or Jacket Length

The length of the coat can be either waist length or three quarter which will cover your hip and bottom area without making you look bulky. Avoid shorter jackets and coats that end at your bum though as this will draw the eye to your larger middle section with a horizontal line.

Ideal Tailoring and Fit

pocket detail pearThe pear shaped lady should stick with coats that are fitted and have design around the top half and looser plain styling around the bottom half. Double breasted coats will give the desired balanced look along with also a pattern or detail to the cuff area or breast area of the coat. Avoid side pockets at hip height as this will add extra bulk, where as breast pockets will be an added benefit as balance for the pear shape lady.

Shoulders and Sleeves

Coat Shoulder Detail Pear.Shoulder detail can be flattering here and jackets and coats that look best on a pear-shaped body will have shoulder pads, tucks or pleated shoulder designs.

Pear shaped body types also tend to have sloped shoulders so jackets with shoulder pads will enhance your shoulders and balance them out with your hips.

Coat and Jacket Necklines

Coat Collar Detail Pear shapedChoose coat and jacket designs which have detail around the upper half and neckline, this can be with a contrasting or fur collar, buttons or lapels as lots of detailing around the tighter top section is good for drawing attention

Wear lighter shades or more brightly colored tops to balance the darker bottom.

Try to accessorise your coat or jacket with a brightly coloured scarf or a sparkling broach, always think to keep attention drawn to your upper half and you will look fabulous! Wearing contrasting, lighter or brighter shades colored tops paired with a darker bottom will help to balance your shape out.

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