Jeans for Boyish Shaped Women

You really don’t have any problems with jeans do you? With the slim hips of the boyish shape frame any kind of jeans will look good on you.

boyish woman

The main traits of your boyish shaped body are:

  • Undefined Waist
  • Narrower Hips
  • Small Bust

Jeans Style for the Boyish Oblong Figure

Low rise jeans with wide waistbands (preferable of thicker material) that fall on the fullest part of your hips will add a few centimeters. Detailing on the hips and bum will also help to broaden those slender hips.

Skinny jeans that tightly fit, also leggings and jeggings (jeans that fit like leggings) are like your body shapes best friends, they enhance your hips show and off your long slim legs which any other body shape would kill to have. Skinny jeans are must have in your wardrobe and are perfect for day to day right through to evening wear on a night out with your friends.

Jean styles paired with closer fitting tops should have wide or flared legs to add the illusion of a little more width or curve to your body.

Beware of jeans that sit on your waist they just show off the fact that there is not much of a waist there. Always try and opt for low rise jeans and add a belt to accessorize which will add width to your hips.

Best Denim Colours for the Boyish Shape Figure

The darker jeans are obviously we all know the more slimming they are. Luckily for you you’ve been blessed with a slender frame and can get away with wearing any colour of jeans teamed up with just about anything.

Bleached jeans, stonewashed jeans or fading effects on the thighs and bum can add contour and help create the illusion of curves

Finding the right pair of jeans that fit perfectly is a very hard thing to come across if you do find a pair some where why not buy them in every colour!?

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