Jeans for Hourglass Shaped Women

Hourglass figures should ideally wear jeans that have a smaller cut waist rather than loose fit baggy waist.

This will help you achieve that beautifully fitted look from waist to hips.
hourglass woman

The main traits of your Hourglass shaped body are:

  • Bust and hips nearly the same size.
  • Well defined waist – 9″ or more smaller than bust.
  • Full Bust.
  • Shapely Legs.

Jeans Styles for the Hourglass Figure

With fitting in mind stretch denim jeans can be the perfect choice and will give you movement and comfort for your shapely figure without having a bulky or tight look.

To balance out your hips choose jeans that have a slightly flared, wide leg jeans or boot cut jeans. Tailored jeans can make your legs appear longer and lift your bottom especially if worn with heals.

Stay away from detailing such as pockets around the hips or bum, it will just add bulk.

Best Denim Colour for the Hourglass Shape

If your one of the cuddlier hourglasses out there opt for darker colour jeans as they will slim you down.

As long as you remember to make sure your jeans are fitted properly especially around your bum, hips, waist and not adding any width where it’s not needed you will look stunning.

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