Jeans to Avoid for Apple Shape

Apple shaped bodies tend to be smaller and slimmer at the bottom half and bigger and heavier at the top half of the body.

The common apple shape traits are to have fuller breasts, wider shoulders, softer and fuller middle larger protruding tummy. She often has, slimmer hips and thighs with upper shapely legs and a flatter bottom.

jeans to avoid apple

The apple shaped woman usually has problems with jeans that fit the waist but are too big on the hips and thighs. Some apples may try to get around this by buying jeans a size smaller to fit the hips, this will only result in the stomach area being too tight and look unsightly. Finding the right style of jeans will be an asset to your wardrobe and help you feel and look fabulous. For the apple shaped woman this can be achieved easily by following the rules below.

  • Avoid button front jeans as this will add bulk to your stomach.
  • Don’t buy jeans that are too snug on your stomach. The tightness and any spill over will just emphasise your stomach.
  • Avoid jeans with front tucks, pockets, pleats and gathers near the waist as this will make the stomach area appear larger.
  • Avoid high waisted jeans.

Apple shaped women should look for clothes that minimize the shoulders, chest and stomach. Apples should wear designs that will draw the attention to the lower part of the body with style, design and colour to achieve a balanced body. Read more on the ideal jeans styles for the apple shape.

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