Jeans to Avoid for Pear Shape

A common mistake is to think that pear shaped women are overweight, this can be far from the truth as many pear shaped women can be quite skinny. The pear shape usually has a slimmer upper body, larger hips, waists and thighs with narrower shoulders and a smaller bust.

pear woman

Pear shaped women should wear clothes that minimize the hip and thigh area and wear designs, colours and detail that will draw the attention to the upper part of the body and the area below the knee to draw outward and lengthen that central area. Read more on the ideal styles for the pear shape and what styles will suit you best.

Tips on Jeans for the Pear Shapepear shape jeans avoid

  • Light, paler and ‘washed look’ jeans that may have the worn look around the upper leg and body section as this will draw the eye to this area
  • Avoid bold pocket detail at the back of the jeans.
  • Avoid any bulky side pockets or side button detail.
  • Don’t attempt to cover up with wide leg jeans, as this can make you look huge from the waist down to your feet.

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