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Lipstick is the nation’s favorite when it comes to make up, for some reason ladies can’t get enough of adding sensational colours to their luscious lips. Some people think your make up should compliment your skin along with the clothes your wearing, this is absolutely correct however there is a little more to it if you’re wanting to look and feel your best.

Eye colour, hair colour and even the shade of your eye brows all play a part in creating your perfect colour pallet. There are so many products on the market today that all give different textures, looks and are all suited to different people and different occasions.

Here at look fabulous well give you advice to help you find the perfect colours and products for you along with some handy tips on how to enhance what you’ve got.

Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Warm complexions look best in colours with golden undertones, camel, brown, rusts gold and dark brown. If you want to go for two different looks one for the day and one for the evening then keep it simple in the day opting for caramels and shades of brown, to spice things up a bit in the evening bronzes, deep reds and rust shades will look sensational on a warm complexion.

While cool complexions look best in neutral colours, beige’s, pinks and reds are perfect for lips complimenting cool skin. For the day time pale pinks and beige’s are enough, for evening lips reds and plums will create a dramatic yet sexy look on cool complexions.

If you want to go all natural with your lip stick the easiest way to find a shade closest to your natural colour is to pull down your bottom lip and have a look at the shade inside. This shade will be perfect for you and take your lips back to that healthy look when you were younger and lips were full of natural colour.

Makeup for Lips and Application



Lipstick is the most popular item in a ladies make up bag. They come in so many different colours, textures, shades and with different finishes so there is bound to be many that suit you down to a T. The most popular lip sticks are:

Sheer lipstick, it glides on smoothly leaving a subtle hint of colour and a glossy finish

Matte lipstick, its rich and deep in colour with a flat finish, matte lipstick is great used under a gloss if you want maximum colour with added shine

Frost lipstick, packed with glitter and sparkle it’s usually thicker in texture and is best worn on nights out

All these lip sticks are available with added extras such as long lasting qualities some claiming to over to 12 hours with out needing to be reapplied! Lipstick as the name suggests is a stick of colour for lips, you can apply lipstick straight to the lips by smoothing it over them or paint it on using a lipstick brush.

Lip Liner

Lip liner is possibly the best base you can apply to your lips to ensure long lasting colour that stays where it’s meant to. Lip liner comes in a range of colours and can be applied before wearing any type of lip make up from neutral gloss to bright lipstick. By lining the lips with lip liner not only can it help maximize your pout but it also stops lipsticks from venturing into those small cracks around the lips. The thing to remember when it comes to lip liner is always to choose a complimenting shade to the colour you’re going to be putting on your lips, contrasting lip liner and lip stick can look awful.

Lip liner pencil is the most common and effective lip liner there is, it’s usually a matte finish but gloss can be added to add some shine if wanted.

Applying lip liner is quite simple your pencil shouldn’t be sharp enough to hurt you or drag over the lips but shouldn’t be blunt enough to make a really thick line either. Once you’ve succeeded getting the tip of your liner correct it’s just a case of drawing along the edge of the lips in small strokes starting at the cupids bow. If you want to apply a good base for a lip stick to ensure maximum stay on time then applying the lip liner all over the lips will help to make it stick.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss if the easiest way to add shine, glam and fullness to lips. Its colouring is a lot less subtle then lip stick making it great for day time and when you want to look au natural. Lip gloss is a fantastic option for summer time, it often contain SPF to protect your lips whilst the gloss will sparkle in the sun leaving your lips looking mouth watering. Lip gloss comes with many finishes and can be as sparkly, glittery, creamy or clear as you wish. Many people think gloss is left for the younger generation however pairing gloss over a rich lip stick can really intensify a colour and make lips appear fuller which I think appeal to people of all ages on certain occasions.

How to Get Full Lips What Ever Shape Lips You Have

If you already own the pout of Angelina Jolie then you are most possibly every woman’s envy when it comes to lips. Lips like Angelina’s don’t need any help in trying to look even fuller however if you feel they are a little too full for you then there are a couple of things you can do. Wearing a darker shade of matte lip stick and only lining the inner edge of the lips will make them appear less noticeable.

If you have thin lips both on top and bottom then there are a few things you can do to enhance them and have your pout looking fuller and juicier. Wearing lighter to medium shades of lipstick will stop them looking any thinner, stay way from dark shades at all costs. When lining your lips you can add the appearance of fuller lips by lining the outer edge of the lips, this will also give you the chance to add some shape if you wish. Adding a little lip gloss to the centre of the bottom lip and some irradiance to the cupids bow to highlight it will make both your top and bottom lip appear fuller.

A common shape of lips is to have a thin top lip paired with a fuller bottom lip. Having a little of full and a little of thin you need to take tips on how to maximize and minimize to create balance and the perfect pout. To maximize the top lip start by lining it on the outer edge stick with a medium shade on the upper lip and remember to high light cupids bow. To minimize your bottom lip and have you appearing all perfectly proportioned line the inner edge of the bottom lip. When choosing a lip stick choose one the slightest bit darker then the one on your top lip, if done correctly it shouldn’t be noticeable. Apply some gloss to finish off but only to the centre of the top lip, perfect!

Lipstick Tips


  • When having bold or bright lips play down other make up, keep eyes and cheeks natural with subtle hints of shimmer when wearing a deep rich colour on the lips. This will draw all the attention to the lips with out you looking like a drag queen, remember less is more!
  • An easy way to achieve a full pout is to use a good lip plumper, there are so many on the market and usually have a fresh peppermint smell that tingles on the lip, the more they tingle the better they work! If you have thin lips then a good lip plumper would be a great investment especially for nights out.
  • Always condition your lips before application of lip make up, a good exfoliating and conditioning regime to the lips is essential in making sure they stay full and free from being dry and chapped, flaking chapped lips is not a good look under any shade of lipstick.
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