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One of the most frustrating things when shopping for maternity clothes is knowing that in a couple of month’s you’ll be back in your normal clothes and your maternity clothes will be thrown into the back of your wardrobe, so whilst your expecting why not Look and Feel Fabulous Pregnant.

happy pregnantThat’s why it is important to know what you’re looking for when it comes to shopping for your maternity wardrobe. In a lot of cases you can still buy comfy, suitable maternity clothes and wear them again once your baby has been born. This article will tell you exactly how to do that without breaking the bank! Affordability and practicality are key when shopping for your maternity wardrobe because even though you still want to look and feel great being comfortable without worrying about money issues is probably the most important thing.

So, you’ve recently found out the great news that you’re pregnant but you’re not ready to start spreading the word. So how do you hide the first signs of your gorgeous baby bump? Step one is to take everything that is tight and fitting out of your wardrobe and try to avoid it. The first tip would be to stick to clothes that float over your stomach such as tunic style tops that can be worn with leggings or jeans. During the first stage of your pregnancy you may be able to get away with wearing loosely fitted jeans. When these start to become uncomfortable the best option would be to then wear leggings as often as possible until you have bought a comfortable pair of maternity jeans. Wrap shirts and dresses are great for hiding a small bump and it means you are still able to dress up for things like going out for dinner with friends or family. One the most useful things to have in your wardrobe for your first trimester is a blouson styled top. This is a top that is elasticated at the bottom so become tighter just above your hips and becomes baggy around your stomach, the style of it is perfect for a body shape that growing and changing at a fast pace!

If you are a working women then you are going to need a maternity wardrobe that consists of work wear that is suitable for a changing body shape. After all you don’t want to be buying blouses the next size up every couple of weeks! One great tip is too buy jersey panel trousers as these are great for the office but also will stretch as your body begins to change. With your trousers the most suitable top to opt for would be a floaty, comfortable top that could be dressed up with accessories and a cardigan. You could also opt for dresses with a stretchy fabric and wear them with a pair of comfortable leggings and tall boots.

One of the most difficult stages of your maternity wardrobe is the stage when your bump isn’t quite big enough to fit into maternity clothes but at the same time your usual clothes are becoming uncomfortable. If you are at this stage don’t panic there are a number of ways around this dilemma. The first one being: invest in a stretchy belly band. These fit around the top of your jeans so that you don’t have to button or zip them up. Instead you put the belly band around the top of them so they stay pulled up all day and at the same time your stomach isn’t becoming irritated by tight fitted clothes. Another great tip is to buy a couple of different coloured tank tops therefore when the buttons on your shirts or tops start to pull or wont fasten you can unfasten the top few and wear a longer length tank top underneath your jumper or cardigan concealing the fact your trousers are undone completely. When you wear loose, flowing tops be careful that you don’t go for the baggy, tent like style, its easily done and unfortunately they have the opposite effect of looking fab whilst being comfortable and are very unflattering. Instead you should wear floaty tops that flow gracefully over your curves and small bump but are fitted around your bust, an empire line is ideal.

The second trimester is slightly more complicated to accommodate for. At this stage you will probably need to start thinking about buying maternity clothes, but don’t worry, here are some great tips to help you buy the right things so you still look and feel great! Working about a budget will probably be useful because you don’t want to be buying new clothes every time your bump gets bigger so buying a few essentials to work with is the probably the best thing to do. Look for maternity tops that will grow with you. For example baggy tops that tie round the back are good because they can be tied looser and looser as your bump grows. Tops or dresses made from a stretchy material that wraps around your front not only gives the impression of a smaller bump but also will grow with you. Another option is to just wear loose, cotton tops, this is the best option in summer. H&M is a great place to buy these from and they’re cheap too! This is great because you can buy them in a number of different colours and wear them on alternate days with a pair of leggings or maternity jeans. The tops mentioned above are great because they flatter your bump and figure as they elegantly flow over your new curves rather than sticking to them.

The second trimester is also the best time to start shopping for maternity bra’s, You will probably notice that you are falling out of your original bra’s which is ok because most maternity clothing ranges stock maternity bra’s. Maternity bras are different from buying a bigger sized bra because the material they are made out of allows room for expandability so as your bust and back size increase your bra will increase with it which means you aren’t buying a new bra every month. It really is important to get a well fitted bra throughout your pregnancy because your bust size can increase up to 4 times and your back size can increase up to 2 sizes.

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A lot of women during pregnancy become frustrated with certain materials and certain style of clothes irritating their skin. Some women have sensitive skin during pregnancy and frequently experience hot sweats and a high body temperature so these are things to consider when shopping for your clothes. If you suffer from these symptoms then you should try and avoid materials such as fibres, polyester or acrylic because these are likely to irritate your skin. Instead you should opt for fabrics such as cotton a gentle, natural fabric.

So far we have our first trimester, second trimester and work wear sorted but how do we still look great when we are out and about at the weekend? One of the best things you can invest in throughout your pregnancy is a good pair of dark denim boot cut jeans. You can get these with a maternity waist band that will add extra comfort and will be made out of stretchy denim so that they don’t irritate you or feel uncomfortable. The bootcut style of jean is essential for mums to be as it will flatter your figure and can be worn with almost anything. They can be worn with a casual cotton top and cardi when you’re shopping throughout the day and dressed up at night with a bold block print tie back top.

You’ve reached your third trimester and you’re nearly ready to give birth. This is one of the most stressful but exciting times you are likely to ever experience so to make it more enjoyable than stressful follow these great tips so you will look and feel great throughout the final stages of your pregnancy. During this stage of your pregnancy you may start to feel really uncomfortable with clothes irritating your skin. Even tummy bands may start to feel uncomfortable. Depending on the season one of the best things you can do is wear a maxi dress. These just float over your curves and are comfortable to wear and even hide your shoes so if you have swollen ankles and are wearing shoes for their comfort rather than their style the maxi dress is a great option! If it is a slightly colder season then you can always wear them with knitted cardi’s or jumpers and a winter coat. The great thing about this is that you can even wear it once you have given birth. A knitted tunic with a comfy pair of leggings is another option. It will look great and keep you warm and comfortable at the same time.

If you have been dressing to hide your bump or make yourself look slimmer such as wearing black or dull coloured clothes then it’s time to make yourself feel better by adding more accessories to your outfits! A great fashion accessory this season is the poncho! And these are great if you have a baby bump, they will keep you warm they won’t irritate your tummy and they will flow nicely over your bump and in some cases will even hide it slightly. If you’re feeling slightly down and drab because your always wearing the same outfits and the same colours then swop your earings for a bigger, brighter pair and buy a very fashionable oversized handbag that will match any outfit and adds fun and style to your wardrobe. Also treat yourself to a great pair of shoes! No matter how big your bump is you can’t go wrong with a great pair of shoes because after all, shoes always fit! So treat yourself to some new accessories and focus on dressing for comfort through these challenging stages of your pregnancy. Before the baby arrives it’s wise to save as much money as you possibly can so try not to spend too much money on clothes that can only be worn whilst you’re pregnant. You’re likely to have a small post natal bump for a short while once the baby arrives anyway so get as much wear out of your maternity wardrobe as you can. Also don’t hesitate to borrow clothes off friends and family who have a maternity wardrobe already that you can use yourself. The three things that would be wise to invest in however are a maternity bra and a supportive pair of maternity leggings and dark navy boot leg jeans. If you buy cheap variations of these the material is likely to sag and lack support around your waist.

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