Low Rise Jeans

Low Rise Jeans sit low from the waist line and provide that perfect opportunity to show off a flat stomach. Women who wear low rise jeans generally are not the right shape for them, just walking down the high street I see women short, tall, thin and round in low rise jeans.

low rise jeans

Some of these women manage to pull it off without a problem, but the majority of women do not suit them in the slightest. Women born to wear these jeans are typically shorter and slimmer, taller women usually have a longer mid section from their lady parts to their belly button giving the effect that their jeans are almost falling down or showing private parts.

Women with a curvier shape can find that because these jeans are fitted lower around the waist it makes an overhang from your stomach which is definitely not what you want! Petite girls are perfect for this style, tightness in the crotch will elongate your legs also a lower waistline will show off those sexy hips!

Wearing low rise jeans with a belt, makes short women’s hips look bigger and their legs shorter. If you decide to opt for low-rise jeans, select a style that comes up more in the back than in the front.

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