10 Maternity Wardrobe Essentials

You are probably feeling a little overwhelmed with all the information that you have taken in about your maternity wardrobe. To make it easier listed below are some of the top ten tips for fashion conscious mums to be. You will now be able to find out exactly what every pregnant women needs in order to look good and therefore feel great throughout her pregnancy.

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1. Comfortable Flat Shoes

An essential item to have in your maternity wardrobe is a fabulous pair of flat shoes! Save your favourite pair of heels for your first night out once your baby has arrived and instead invest in a pair of really comfortable flat shoes. A pair of girly pumps or dolly shoes is a great option because they’re comfortable and match almost any outfit, including ones that you would usually wear heels with. Clarks shoes is a great place to get a pair of flats from and they specialise in well fitting, comfortable shoes. Marks and Spencer’s also has a great flat shoes range. Black would probably be the most sensible option to choose because they will match almost anything but don’t be afraid to buy a couple of pairs of cheaper flats. A pair of bold red flats would look great for the Christmas season. Also don’t forget boots! If you buy a great pair of boots they will last you for years and are really comfy too! The weather is really starting to get cold so a pair of flat brown or black knee length boots would be ideal for your winter pregnancy. Some women get swollen calves during their pregnancy so if you have this dilemma then don’t panic. Instead of knee length boots opt for a comfortable pair of low cut ankle boots and wear them with thick socks for extra comfort and warmth. If you insist on wearing heels however why not opt for a slightly more comfortable option like wedges. They will be easier to balance in and you can buy quite short ones so that they are easier for you to walk in.

2. Maternity Swimming Costume

A new swimming costume is something to think about when shopping for your maternity wardrobe. Your original one isn’t likely to fit for very long. The best thing to buy would be a tankini with a supportive bra fitted. These are perfect for pregnant women because they aren’t too tight on your bump as they allow room for your tummy. Also they aren’t too revealing. A bikini may be too revealing especially with your larger bust. During your pregnancy you may want to take a relaxing dip in the pool or you might even be considering an underwater birth so invest in a really good, supportive tankini.

3. Maxi Dress

Were now in the middle of winter and the days are beginning to get really cold but a long black maxi dress is still an ideal item for your maternity wardrobe. A stretchy jersey maxi dress would be ideal as it will elegantly flow over your baby bump rather than uncomfortably cling to your curves. This is great because it can be worn during the day and in the evening if you are going out somewhere. During the day it can be worn with a comfortable cardi and denim jacket with a thick woolen scarf. It would look great with a pair of converse or girly pumps. This outfit is really stylish, warm and comfortable you can’t go wrong and as a bonus black is a slimming colour so even though you have your baby bump your legs will be made to look slimmer than usual.

4.Kaftan Tops

Another maternity wardrobe must have for the winter season is a kaftan style top, poncho or thick woolen wrap. Poncho’s are really fashionable this winter and are great because they hide your baby bump but don’t just hang over you like a large men’s top. Instead they drape over your curves looking really chic and feminine, the benefit to this is that they also keep you really warm and snug as well as looking great! You can wear them with layers of long necklaces or a thick scarf to keep you even warmer. They can be worn with leggings or jeans so it all depends on which is most comfortable for you.

5.Maternity Coat

Choosing a winter coat when being pregnant can sometimes be a difficult task. You can’t simply walk into a shop and buy the coat that catches your eye, you have the task of finding a coat that fastens comfortable around your bump, that grows with you and that still looks great. One popular option with a lot of pregnant women is the empire styled coat where the buttons only fasten up to the top of your waist. This way you don’t have to buy a larger coat just to fit comfortably around your baby bump, instead you can buy your normal size and the coat won’t irritate you or feel too tight. It will also look great because it will fit nicely around your underbust and arms. The great thing about these coats is that if you have been wearing a lot of dull baggy clothes to make you look slimmer or hide your bump you can be daring with your coat. Why not buy a coat in a bold yellow or red or even a bright powder blue. This way your dull coloured outfits will match the coat but you’ll add fun and style to it. This type of coat is the most practical choice as buying a fitted design in a larger size leaves room around the arms and waist and also won’t keep you warm because cold air will get trapped in the baggy parts of your coat. Your body temperature is always warmer when you’re pregnant so you might even choose to ditch the winter coat and layer up instead when you go outdoors. This way you can always start to pull layers off gradually when begin to get too warm. But it is important to keep warm and wrapped up because the last thing you need is to be feeling run down and get ill.

6.Oversized Bags and Accessories

If you’re bored of repeating the same old comfortable outfits that fit your bump and don’t irritate your skin then mix it up and change your style by going crazy with accessories! Accessories are great because they usually stay in fashion all year round and can be worn again and again meaning that once the baby is born you can still get your wear out of them. This is the best way of changing a basic look. Dangly earrings also look great and add style to a plain outfit. Chunky rings and bangles are bang on trend at the moment and look fab! Especially when matched with a really trendy oversized handbag and the plus side to this is it will get you used to carry round a jam packed baby bag!

7. Thigh High Stockings

This may sound like a really unusual idea but one thing that is great to invest in is a number of different pairs of thigh high stockings. If you have a great pair of boots and a great pair of legs for that matter then why not wear a pair of stocking with boots and a knee length dress. A lot or women get irritated by different clothes sitting on their baby bump such as tights or leggings therefore stockings will look the same but won’t irritate your body. They’ll keep your warmer than bare legs and if you get a nude colour they will barely be noticeable.

8. Comfortable Maternity Underwear

Comfortable underwear is a must have during your pregnancy. No matter what your outfit looks like if you don’t have comfortable underwear on you aren’t likely to feel comfortable. Bra’s that are too tight can be extremely uncomfortable when you’re pregnant so make sure you buy a maternity bra that can grow with you or get measured by a bra fitter regularly throughout your pregnancy. Also cotton knickers are great during your pregnancy because they don’t irritate your skin and the natural material is much better for you body then polyesters and even silks.

9. Range of Tshirts

Whether you are wearing jeans, leggings or a skirt a classic cotton t-shirt will look great with them all. They can be worn with accessories or scarves to add a bit of style to them but they are comfortable, they don’t cling to your skin and are flattering on your curves. You can buy them in whichever style you prefer whether that it a V-neck, high- neck or a round neck t shirt. Just make sure there is a bit of stretch in the material so that it will grow with you instead of rising up from the bottom.

10.Comfortable Leggings and Maternity Jeans

Leggings and stretchy pants are the last thing on your maternity wardrobe list. A pair of stretchy black pants are great for lounging around the house or visiting friends and family and going for walks because they’re comfortable and can be worn with almost any top or jacket. If you are then choosing to go out somewhere and want to look fashionable then opt for a great pair of thick supportive leggings with a waist band that supports your bump. These are great because they can be worn with almost anything and can be dressed up or dressed down.

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