Mens Fashion 30s

Men in their 30’s usually have their own, unique style sussed. Some men in their 30’s have wives, careers and families and it’s easy to lose your style and begin to start feeling old! Whereas 30 is not old, it’s can be one of the greatest times of your life, so to prevent this from happening you need to keep up with changing trends but ensure that you choose a style that fits your body shape, skin tone, and most importantly your lifestyle.

You may have a wardrobe full of basic clothes but why not search for something with a little more detail that highly fashionable, you may surprise yourself and others by realising that you can still wear the latest trends and still look great! For example why not try a suit jacket with a patterned lining instead of a plain suit jacket or a patterned shirt or a fashionable piece of jewellery. You could even Resist the baggy bootleg jeans and try a dark, stone washed fitted pair of jeans with a smart designer belt. Whatever you choose spend time in choosing it as these details are what makes you, you.

A man is sometimes defined by the shoes they wear, being in your 30’s you need to make a statement by wearing the right shoes for your age, whether you’re going out on the town at the weekend or going to work you must wear a fashionable pair of shoes. Avoid a cheap pair of black, square laced up shiny shoes and try a pair of designer suede brown shoes with a smart pair of jeans. It’s worth the investment an they’re likely to last twice as long!

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