Mid Rise Jeans

Mid rise jeans are considered by many to be the best of both worlds, a high level of comfort and fit combined with style and popularity. Most women look best with a mid to low rise or just below the waist. If mid-rise jeans seem too low you may want to try on jeans in a larger size, you may find that you’re wearing a size to small that lacks around the waist. If leg length is a problem don’t worry, there are many shops that sell jeans with a wide range in leg length.

mid rise jeans

River Island is a great shop for jeans selling them in leg lengths 30, 32 and 34 inches to accommodate most heights.

Mid-rise jeans look best on women with average to longer legs, and if you fortunate enough to have a flat belly mid to low rise jeans will look best on you. If you are not blessed with an naturally flat stomach you are best opting for a higher rise jean to hold in those curvy bits and give a smoother shape to the lower body.

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