Minimiser Bras

Minimiser bras are as you’ve probably guessed made to help minimize the look of your breasts. They are great if you’re big up top and seem like they were made for apple shaped ladies with their fuller bust.

Minimiser bras provide support and full coverage of the bust, they are great for any occasion whether it’s a walk to the park or out to a posh meal. They give the breasts a smoother more appealing shape and add comfort with thicker straps and full support.

Which Body Shape does the Minimiser Bra Suit Best

Hourglass figures should stay away from minimiser bras, yes you may have large breasts and wish they were smaller but unfortunately wearing a minister bra would make you appear more pear shaped then the sexy ‘perfect’ shape you already are.

Boyish shaped bodies and pear shaped bodies should not even think about a minimiser! You want to maximize and that is all you want to do so stay away.

As for apple shaped ladies well the minimiser bras will not only feel comfortable and support you but help you on your way to appearing as if you’ve got that perfectly proportioned body. Put on a waist cincher of a corset with your minimiser bra and you will see those womanly curves in all the right places appear in an instance!

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