Moisturisers are great way to care for your skin; they keep it hydrated and maintain a youthful appearance as well as preventing acne and pimples. However, its important to wear a suitable moisturiser for your skin type as everyone is different and whilst some will work wonder on you others won’t have the same effect.


If you have dry skin then moisturiser is most important for you, its most probably because you don’t hydrate your skin daily with a moisturiser that its become dry and in some cases very itchy and flaky. It’s important for you to find a moisturiser that balances the skin correctly and doesn’t just produce more oil. Also if you have sensitive skin its just important to find a suitable moisturiser that wont irritate your skin, Simple and Clinique have a fantastic sensitive skin care range that consists of very basic, natural moisturisers that produce just as good results if not better than those with all the added extras.

You can pay a ridiculous amount of money for moisturisers and face creams that claim to do all sorts however they aren’t a realistic price for most people and most of them aren’t anything special. When it comes to creams you need to remember its not a case of the highest price has the best qualities and that you can also buy great moisturisers that will benefit your skin just as much at reasonable prices, here’s what we think are the top four moisturisers for different skin types;

Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser does exactly as the product says, lightly moisturises even the most sensitive of skin with out irritation and can be purchased for a cheap and cheerful £3.79 at Boots

Olay complete All Day UV moisturiser at £11.00, a very lightweight moisturiser with a light fragrance and is great for people with naturally oily skin

Benefit’s ‘Dear John’ at a more expensive price of £25, this is a thick and creamy moisturiser but it isn’t greasy and leaves your skin feeling dewy and soft, again best for oily skin

An excellent moisturiser for people with dry skin would be the ‘Cetaphil moisturising cream’ at £8.99, this one is great for hydrating the skin but doesn’t clog up acne prone skin

The Body Shop have a moisturiser which is great for all skin types and this is the ‘Vitamin C moisturiser’ at £15, it includes SPF 15 and is full of vitamin C to hydrate the skin, it has a fresh orange scent.

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