One Piece Costume

Maillot and the One Piece Costume

The maillot is the classic one piece costume. Swimsuits are great if you want more coverage on the beach or if you’re going to be spending summer around young families where a thong bikini just isn’t appropriate.










The maillot has straps that go over the shoulders and down the back where they join the costume again. The width of the straps varies in thickness from spaghetti to tank straps.

Thicker straps are best for women with bigger bust such as apple and hourglass figures as they provide more support. The thicker straps will also benefit apple shaped ladies as they will help make your broad shoulders appear smaller.

Spaghetti straps are more suited to women with smaller bust and narrower shoulders.

If you are and apple or conscious of a protruding stomach then look for a swim suit with built in control, many swimsuits now a day’s provide secret control panels to help flatten the stomach, lift the bum and bust and give an overall smoother silhouette.


A bandeau swimsuit if the one to go for if you love sunbathing but hate getting strap marks for all to see.

Bandeau costumes are the same as the traditional maillot simply without the straps. Bandeau costumes are usually pleated or gathered between the breasts to give a shapely neckline the compliments the bust.

Avoid the bandeau style if you have large bust as they can be left looking saggy without the support of straps and under wiring to help keep them in place.

Like all swimsuits they cover the stomach and some even come with built in control to give a smoother silhouette and flatten a protruding tummy, great for apple shapes or anyone who’s not as confident and toned as they would like to be.

Pear and boyish figures will look fab in bandeau costumes, being smaller up top will suit the style of the swimsuit. They will also create the appearance of a more curvy, feminine you with its almost sweetheart neck line.

If you have short legs or are a pear shape stick to costumes that are high cut to help elongate them and give the look of slimmer legs .


Monokinis are a cross between a one costume and bikini.

From the back they appear to be separate top and bottoms but from the front they are attached down the middle with a thin strip of fabric showing off all the sides.

Monokinis will show off the sexy curves of an hour glass but if you’ve not got a flat toned stomach they can be very unforgiving.

If you do look after your figure and are comfortable with showing it off then monokinis can be very sexy.

To determined what style of monokini will suit you best just think of it as a classic maillot costume, everything is the same besides the coverage of the sides and stomach.

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