Oval Male Body Shape

The shoulders are set down and the top of the hipbone is set lower. His back will be large and his arms will be bulky. He will have a short neck and a fuller face along with flat buttocks, but with his best asset being his slender legs.

Oval men first put weight on through their abdomen area and tend to become cylindrical as they get heavier.

The Main Traits of your Oval Shaped Body

  • Large upper arms
  • Rounded stomach
  • Slimmer legs in comparison with your upper half

The key to flattering an oval shaped body is to balance it out you want to de-

emphasize the mid-section and aim for your shoulders to appear smaller and your torso appear longer.

Jeans for Oval Shaped Men

Having a heavy-set body means you should avoid boot cut and straight leg jeans as the flare of the jean will make you appear bigger than your size. You should opt for a wide leg pair of jeans with larger pockets on the bottom as this will make the size of the bottom look smaller. Wide leg jeans will hide access weight and any lumps or bumps.

When buying jeans you should be avoiding tucks or button up jeans as this will add bulk to your stomach area. You should also avoid low rise jeans as these tend to fit tightly and can be uncomfortable on a larger stomach.

Keeping comfort and fashion as your main aim, you should go for a pair of medium- rise jeans.

Choosing the right colour of jean can sometimes prove difficult as an oval shaped man you should aim for the darker denims.

Tops for Oval Shaped Men

With an oval shaped body you don’t want anything to fitted to show off your larger stomach area or anything to baggy that will make you look bigger than your size, you need to find that happy medium. All your tops should just skim your body without hugging them too tightly.

An oval shaped man should be avoiding turtle neck tops and opting instead for a v neck shaped top with long sleeves. The v neck creates the illusion of a slimmer silhouette, and also of you have a short neck it will make the neck appear longer.

Unless you’re going to a Hawaii inspired hula party you should be avoiding tops with large busy prints this will draw attention to your larger mid-drift. Opting for a top with smaller prints that are far apart is your best option.

Shirts for an Oval Shaped Man

Weather you wear a shirt on a daily basis or just for special occasions you need to find the perfect fit. When finding it you need to consider two things, your neck size and your arm length. Ill-fitting shirts don’t look nice and will be uncomfortable.

When it comes to the fitting of the shirt you need to look for a full fitting one as this is the best one for fuller men.

When choosing the collar you need to consider your face shape as an oval shaped man you will probably have a round face so you want to avoid average spread, widely spread and spread varsity, instead something like a standard point or a button down will elongate your round face.

Wearing the same colour shirt as your pants will help to slim out your body, however wearing contrasting colours for example black pants with a white shirt will draw attention to your middle. Going for darker colours and softer fabrics will help give you that body shape you are aiming for.

Horizontal stripes will focus the eye on your size so go for vertical striped that will help elongate your body.

Jackets for an Oval Shaped Man

When you are choosing a jacket you need to consider where you are wearing it, is it a casual or a black tie jacket we are trying to find?

For an everyday jacket you need one that multi-tasks, you need it to look good but also be wind and waterproof. A long jacket such as a parka will work well with your body as it will help to elongate the body. Stick to dark colours when choosing a day coat that matches your dark denims and will hide marks.

When looking for jackets and coats you want to aim for ones that falls below your waist to mid-thigh.

If your job requires you to dress smart casual the sport jacket is the perfect jacket for you, it is made of soft fabric and is very similar to a blazer but is often textured and sometimes patterned whereas the blazer is usually a block colour.

If you are going somewhere formal avoid blazers with shoulder pads and pleating, wearing the blazer open will create vertical lines to elongate your body.

Trousers for an Oval Shaped Man

The key to finding the right pair of trousers is to make sure the fabric isn’t to heavy and the trouser cut isn’t too tight.

For a formal trouser something with pleats works best for you, as if you are carrying extra weight on your tummy you can disguise that by having a flat front on the trouser. It is important to keep the fabric and the design simple.

For a casual trouser cords work well with your body as they are a light fabric. You should make sure the fit is slightly loose and it has a good drape.

Suits for Oval Shaped Men

If you have a fuller frame then it is important to avoid heavy fabrics as this will add bulk onto your frame, instead you should opt for a fitted suit with a light, soft fabric.

Choose a suit that is a dark colour as dark colours are seen to be slimming, therefore black or navy blue suits would best suit a man with an oval shaped figure.

When deciding upon the jacket for your suit you should look for a jacket with two buttons as this won’t draw attention to your middle which is likely to be fuller if you have an oval shaped figure. This is also very modern and highly fashionable as well as having a slimming effect.

You should also consider a jacket with vents at the back as this allows room for movement; you should choose a single vented jacket as this will allow extra room without drawing too much attention to the back of your body.

The most flattering trousers for your body shaped are those that start just above your original waist line as this will give the impression that you have slimmer, longer legs.

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