Padded Bras

Padded bras are a lot like push up bras, other than that their name is pretty much self explanatory.

Padded bras give lift, shape and support. They come in various thicknesses so you could buy two padded bras from the same shop and they both give different appearances. Make sure you find the thickness that looks and feels best for you before you buy.

Padded bras usually have a deep plunging neckline, they are a great bra for summer time showing off some shoulders and sexy bronzed skin without pushing your boobs up a bit too much if you know what I mean!

Which Body Shape does the Padded Bras Suit Best

Pear shaped women should opt for padded bras as like push up bras they will maximize your breasts balancing out the top half of the body with the bottom.

Boyish oblong shaped women will also benefit from padded bras, they boost breasts so as long as you buy a good fitting padded bra you will defiantly look more feminine.

Padded bras will do wonders for apple shaped women, unlike push up bras padded bras add lift, support and sexyness without adding the appearance of larger boobs.

Padded bras are most suited to ladies with cup sizes A-C, so unfortunately for you big breasted hourglasses padded bras aren’t for you and should be left for the smaller boobed body shapes.

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  1. The padded bra is one of the best options for an enhancement bra. The extra cotton pad forms that are inserted into each of the cups, adds an amazing amount of volume and lift to the cleavage.

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