• balconette bra

    Balconette Bra

    Balconette bras are very similar to half cup bras apart from they tend to cover a little less of the breast, the style usually has thicker straps and a more square look from the straps down and across the front. Balconette bras are very low cut making them perfect worn under almost any clothing. Balconette […]

  • strapless bras

    Strapless Bra

    The strapless bra is basically as its name suggests a bra without straps! Strapless bras come in different styles its most common shape is the Balconette, occasionally strapless bras are seen in Full Cups too. Strapless bras have to be the perfect bra fit to avoid any slipping out of place that many of us […]

  • sports bras

    Sports Bras

    Sports bras are the basic essential for any lady who enjoys exercising or spends time at the gym. Sports bras help to keep your breasts in place when taking part in energetic sporting activities along with providing support and keeping bounce to a minimum! Sports bras come in various shapes, styles and supports. Anybody of […]

  • hourglass tops

    Tops for Hourglass Shaped Women

    Select classic cuts and trendy accessories to look as fabulous as your less endowed sisters. Be careful not to overdo your clothes with ruffles, bows and other frills as your figure itself is enough to draw attention so keep everything simple and you’ll be smashing. Ideal tops for the hourglass shape are scooped or V […]