Pear Shaped Woman

Admit it, girls, whatever shape you are in, you always want somebody else’s body – we want Angelina’s lips, Megan’s hair and Beyonce’s booty!

This time, we’re focusing on the pear shaped woman and how pear shaped women can dress, fashionable, stylish and look fabulous. Of course, we can’t move our curves where we would like them best, neither can we share each other’s waist nor cheekbones!

We can of course share tips and bring out the best in whatever body shape we have by emphasizing our assets and by taking focus off the bits we don’t like as much.

Just like the fruit, pear-shaped women have a relatively slimmer upper torso and bigger hips, waists and thighs. Usually pear shaped ladies have narrower shoulders and a smaller bust compared to the waist and lower half of the body.

Pear shaped bodies should wear clothes that minimize the hip and thigh area and wear designs that will draw the attention to the upper part of the body and also additionally the area below the knee to draw outward and lengthen that central area.

Main Traits of a Pear Shape Figure.

  1. Wider hips and thighs
  2. Narrower shoulders
  3. Wider bottom
  4. Smaller bust

A common mistake is to think that Pear Shaped women are overweight, this can be far from the truth as many pear shaped women can be quite skinny.

Tops and Blouses for Pear Shaped Women:

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To create that body balance you will need to take emphasis away from the hips and draw it to the top half of your body. You can do this very easily by choosing tops with the right style and shape and also choosing bold designs and colours.

Tops should be fitted and not baggy and should finish at the top of your hips to emphasize your well-defined waist. Avoid tops and short jackets that end at your bum because these draw the eye to your larger middle section.

The most flattering tops for the pear shape women should be of about three quarter length, this length will effectively cover your less than flattering areas which are going to be your hips, bottom and thighs.

It can be really fun to be creative with the tops you wear. You will find that it is difficult to go wrong when choosing tops with colour, detail and pattern that will draw the eyes upwards and the neckline is the perfect place for detail.

Blouses and tops with beautiful patterns and textures draw attention up to your upper body up to your beautiful face. Striped jumpers can visually add inches to your top half to balance broad hips too.

Choose wider necklines like bateau, squared or cowl necks to show off the neckline and shoulders. Examples of Tops for Pear Shapes

Jackets and Coats for Pear Shaped Women:

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Jackets and coats follow the same rule as the tops, the length of the coat can be either

waist length or three quarter which will cover your problem area without making you look bulky.

Avoid shorter jackets and coats that end at your bum though as this will draw the eye to your large middle section with a horizontal line.

Shoulder detail can be flattering here along with also a pattern or detail to the cuff area or breast area of the coat. Double breasted coats will give the desired balanced look.

Accessorize your coat or jacket with a coloured scarf or broach Wear lighter shades or more brightly colored tops to balance the darker bottom. Read more onJacket Styles for Pears >>

Skirts and Trousers for Pear Shaped Women:

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A-line skirts, wraps and dresses are the best for Pears because they skim through those lovely curves without making them look baggy and unshapely.

Pants and skirts that are flat-fronted or softly pleated will emphasize your smaller waist areas.

Avoid short, tight skirts as they emphasize those problematic areas along the hips and thighs.

Avoid clingy materials like Lycra because these will define those extra bumps along the hips and thighs we’d like to hide.

Finally, remember that heels not only make you feel and look taller, they also add a few inches to your legs while making your hips and bottoms look smaller.

Jeans Styles for Pear Shaped Women.

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Pears usually get frustrated when trying on jeans, for one. Here’s a scenario: so you see these really fiercely fab jeans in the store and they’re on sale. You take them off the rack and try them on. You have to practically squeeze your hips into them and when you finally have them on, there’s a gaping space along the waist. Heartbreaker, huh? But really, with a lot of pear shaped real women out there, why don’t the designers and manufacturers come up with a pair of jeans for the Pears? (Baby Spice of the Spice Girls and Kate Winslet the actress are Pears themselves.) But well, until they’ve caught on, we better work on with what’s available to us at the moment.

So, let’s start with the right bottoms for our booty-licious Jeans for Pears:

Avoid light, paler and ‘washed look’ jeans that may have the worn look around the upper leg and body section as this will draw the eye to this area. Choose darker shades of denim that will give more of a slimming effect. Darker blues, dark greys, blacks and browns are the best shades to work with and will still give you that classical denim jeans look. Jeans with fading below the knee can also work well for you.

Dresses for Pear Shaped Women

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For you pear’s the key when it comes to buying that perfect dress is to draw all the attention up top, you should show off your fabulous arms, back and busts.

Strapless dresses will look gorgeous on you but if you don’t feel daring enough to show of all that skin try a halter neck, halter neck dresses are fitted up top which will show off your waist. Dresses with spaghetti straps will give your shoulders a broader appearance and help balance you out.

The easiest way to balance a bottom-heavy figure is to choose a dress that skims over the lower half of the body. Full or A-line skirts will skim your curves beautifully with out adding bulk to your shape.

Try dresses that have some kind of embellishment up top whether it be ruffles, pattern or luxurious texture, it will all help to add a little more volume to your bust.

If you’re flexible with colour choice your best bet is to opt for dark colors on the bottom. Light colours look great on you also but stick to wearing them up top, a small cardigan or shawl in a lighter colour would compliment your dress and bring the eye up and away from your wider bottom.

Bikini Styles for Pear Figures



Bikinis for Pears >>

To be able to choose the perfect bikini for the pear shape firstly you need to understand your body shape and what areas you should draw attention to and what areas you should draw attention away from.

To create that body balance the pear shape woman should take emphasis away from the hips and draw it to the top half of your body. As bikinis are separate tops and bottoms they can be mixed and matched using design, pattern and colour to create that perfect bikini for a pear shaped woman.

Pear shaped figures should go for halter neck tankini tops, they will help to maximise the bust and broaden the shoulders too. Halter neck bikinis are also perfect for creating a fab cleavage and will help draw eyes up top.

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Underwear for Pear Shaped Women:

Underwear for pear shaped ladies should aim at visually increasing the breast size and also reducing the size of the hips and bottom! Don’t forget that what you wear underneath your well chosen clothes also makes a difference to the way you feel too!

The pear shaped woman usually has a smaller breast, today it is quite easy to compensate and give yourself a boost in this area with the help of a push-up bra or a Wonderbra, not only will this make you feel more blessed along the chest area but the padded bra will also help to balance your larger middle area.

The bottom and hip area can be smoothed by wearing shapewear, this can be with side panels and extra support in the rear too.

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Pear Shaped Celebrities

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce Knowles, kelly-clarkson and shakira are just some of the pear shaped women we know.

shakira, Kelly Clarkson, jlo, Beyonce

Don’t be afraid to accessorize and to add more pizzazz to your look. Choose jewelry like necklaces, earrings and broaches as well as neck scarves as this will draw attention to your upper body.

Now that you know the tricks, it’s about time for you to go out and share your wonderful self to the world.

If you are unsure of your body shape then check out the article on finding out my body shape


  1. Excellent ideas.. I am a pear , with heavy lega & calves… my demension srae 34/29/41”.. kindly send me more dressing ideas.. I ma 5 feet 6” tall.

  2. Hi I am 5ft6″ and I am a pear shape as I have a big belly and thighs than the top.
    Can you send me pictures of dresses that would suit me and party dresses

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