Petite Women Clothes Tips

How Petites can Appear Taller

Block colour makes short women appear taller. If you don’t want to wear all black or blue pick a colour pallet of a few similar shades and wear them together, it will give the same effect.

Short skirts and short shorts will show off your legs, shorter women usually have fantastic shapely legs. Pair your shorts/skirts with some nude killer heels for legs that look like they go on forever!

Heels, heels, heels! A great way to gain a few inches instantly. Pointed toes certain colours can make your legs look exceptionally long. If you’re wearing black, red or navy tights wear a heeled shoe in the same colour, if you’re going bare legged then nude or tan heels work well.

Patterned tights are in everywhere at the moment and lucky for you they look fab on shorter women. Pair them with some high waisted short shorts to give the illusion of longer legs.

Shorter jackets are a must for shorter women, ending at your waist or above your hips they are both lengths made for you. Lots of shops have petite sections for women under 5ft3, buy your tailored items from these sections to make sure they fit you properly as you will have different proportions then some on 5ft6 or 5ft 9.

What Petite Women Should Avoid

Cropped trousers will look like their neither here or there on you. Trying to find a pair that fit you and end in the right place will be a nightmare and even if you did manage to all they would do is cut your legs in half and have you appearing even shorter.

Big prints can be very bold and overpowering, if worn in tiny amounts such as on a bikini they will be fine otherwise stay away.

Leave your neckline open, avoid turtle necks, high round neck T’s and very chunky necklaces. They will all shorten your neck and close you up making you look shorter.

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