Physically Reduce the Size of your Bust

Although there are hundred most probably even thousands of women that would do anything for larger breasts there also those that some would consider blessed who wish for the complete opposite and would love to be a size or two smaller!

The fact is in reality bigger boobs are the reason for numerous health problems such as bad backs, sore aching shoulders and they can even make you appear larger then you actually are in other areas of your body. When you look at it like that its not a surprise that some ladies would do anything to decrease their cup size, but… before you make any radical decisions like reduction surgery we have 3 simple non drastic or invasive ways for you to try out hopefully resulting in reducing your bust!

3 Ways to Physically Reduce the Size of your Bust!

Cut the fat out of your diet! Breast tissue is made up of mainly fat and although some of us may think the size we are given is purely down to genes in reality what we eat can have a huge impact on the size of our bust. By cutting the fat out of your diet this doesn’t mean you need to stick to salads and only eat two meals a day, you should continue to eat as much and often as you usually would just swap high fat content foods for a healthier option. This won’t only reduce your boobs but be generally good for you and your body overall.

Exercise, again this is great for making breasts smaller as exercise obviously (especially cardiovascular) will shift body fat. Try running, jogging, swimming or biking but don’t do too much all at once, a couple of times a week is fine as you don’t want to lose weight too fast. It will only result in your boobs becoming saggy with lose surrounding skin. To avoid this all together pair up cardio with muscle toning exercise targeted specifically at the chest area such as press-ups.

Consider coming off the contraceptive pill, it’s not always the reason for larger breast however if you are on the pill then all the hormones that are released into your body can put it through dramatic changes. This does depend on the individual but if you have been on it for a while then why not consider changing to another form of contraception for a few months and see if you notice any difference.

If your breast are really causing you problems or you just don’t like them the size they are try these 3 tips out, there is no guarantee they will work but they are definitely much safer changes to make to your life style then under going surgery and will benefit numerous aspects of your life in terms of health.

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