Plunge Bras

Plunge bras are great for those low neck tops and give a feminine, sexy look. They come in various styles, fabrics and colours making them suitable for most sizes and body shapes. The main job of the plunge bra besides give lift, support and shape is to create an amazing cleavage.

Whatever body shape you are you can’t go wrong with cleavage this is most probably why the plunge bra is so popular. The hourglass figure and apple shape body can also wear the plunge bra but be careful of creating a too fuller bust, the plunge is ideal for that breast reshape and cleavage.

Which Body Shape does the Plunge Bra Suit Best

Hourglass figures will benefit from the lift and shape plunge bras give, if you have an hourglass figure then stick to plunge bras that aren’t padded or at least have removable pads so you can choose how much cleavage you want to show without knocking you out of proportion.

Pear shaped ladies should opt for the more padded plunge bras, whilst making the most of what you have already got in the cleavage area they will also give the look of larger boobs to help balance out your top with your womanly hips.

The same goes for boyish shaped figures, however rather than balancing you out they will add feminine curves without going overboard and making you appear top heavy.

Like hourglass women apple shaped figures will also benefit from the support plunge bras offer and the sexy cleavage that will draw eyes up away from your rounded middle. Be careful not to overdo it with the cleavage though and opt for lightly padded ones.

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