Push Up Bra

Push up bras are defiantly a sexy bra, they provide lift and add fullness giving the appearance of a great natural cleavage. Push up bras are similar to padded bras yet push up bras have a little more padding in different areas, however the padding is not permanently fixed in place so depending on the occasion it can be added or removed.

A good fitting push up bra will add the appearance of an extra cup size which is great for balancing out pear shape women’s bodies or giving you boyish figures some needed womanly curves up top.

Which Body Shape does the Push Up Bra Suit Best

Push up bras are available in most bra sizes starting at an A cup going right past an E cup. Although you busty hourglasses and apples may be thinking great…a bra that adds lift and is sexy, perfect! You may want to think again.

Push up bras give the illusion of bigger breasts, this will knock you hour glasses out of your perfect proportion and make you look top heavy while apple shapes figures will just end up adding more volume in the place you should really be trying to make appear smaller.

Push up bras can be a fabulous bra but it’s probably best to avoid them if you’re over a C/D cup, you don’t want to be walking around looking like your boobs are under your chin.

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