Rectangular Male Body Shape

The Rectangular Male Body Shape is a little like a ruler, straight from top to bottom with the chest, hips and waist all around the same size. There are no areas that need minimising so they can get away with most things, however the muscle you dream of will take a lot of hard work at the gym.

The main traits of your rectangular male shaped body are:

  • The chest, hips and waist are around a similar size
  • The torso shape is straight

The aim is to define your shoulders to make them look a little broader. You should be avoiding baggy clothes and show off your slender figure with semi fitted clothes.

Jeans for a Rectangular Shaped Man

Making your body seem like it has a little shape to it can prove quite difficult if you are a rectangular shaped man however finding the right pair of jeans can give your body that shape that it lacks.

Flares are a big no no for rectangular shaped men they will unbalance your streamline figure. Going for a pair of straight leg jeans is the best option for you, adding a little detail around the hip area will help to make it stand out. If you feel your age is past slim leg jeans go for a pair of wide leg jeans, be careful not to get them mixed up with flares!

When it comes to choosing a waist band you’re the lucky ones , you have the pick of the lot.

Darker denims will enhance your slim figure, avoid the lighter colour jeans or it may give you that ‘lanky’ look.

Tops for a Rectangle Shaped Man

Creating a little shape is easier than you think !

The key to dressing your upper half is to add bulk with layers. Layering will make your upper torso appear larger, and add shape to your rectangle shaped body.

You can choose something high neck as this will add width to your chest area. Stay away from those extra-large baggy tops rectangular shaped men have nothing to hide and baggy tops will drain your figure.

Wearing contrasting light colours will add width to your shoulder area, try avoiding darker colours as these give you a slimmer look. You can play around with prints but try not to go for anything to bold as this will draw attention to your smaller areas.

Shirts for a Rectangular Shaped Man

When choosing a shirt you want the upper torso to appear larger. Choosing light coloured shirts will help this as they add bulk. Choosing a shirt with pockets on the chest will help draw the attention away from the straightness of the body.

Shirts featuring a spread and other wide collar style can help make your shoulders look broader.

Look for shirts where the shoulder seam sits just over your natural shoulder line as this will help make your shoulder look naturally broader.

Choosing a printed shirt can help build interest in your upper body also horizontal stripes can help create the effect of wider shoulders. Avoid vertical stripes as these draw the eye down.

Jackets for a Rectangular Shaped Man

Wearing a longer length jacket will help keep you in proportion. Jackets with many pockets for example a cargo jacket ill help draw attention away from your rectangular shape.

You want to find a jacket with good shoulder pads as they will create contrast between your shoulder and hips.

Look for jackets with details on the shoulders as this can add volume to this region. Finding a jacket with double pockets on the chest or tabs at the shoulder can help bulk out your upper torso. A light jacket in contrast with dark pants works well.

Trouser for Rectangle Shaped Men

If you have a rectangle body shape then it is important to try and wear layered clothing, for example when choosing trousers to suit your body shape it would be ideal to choose a pair with trouser cuffs as this helps to add shape, and fullness to your body. You should ensure that your trousers are closely fitted around the waist as they also will give the impression of a fuller figure.

The trousers you choose should ideally be quite loose around the lower area of your legs as this will add some thickness to the lower body but make sure you don’t overdo it.

If the trousers you choose have slanted pockets rather than straight pockets this will help break up the vertical shape of your body.

It is important to avoid baggy trousers and trousers with a waist line above your original waist as this will give the impression of a longer leg and will emphasise the rectangle shape of your body.

Suits for Rectangle male Body Shape

If you have a straight rectangular shaped body then a traditional British suit would complement your figure. The jacket of your suit should be of a longer length in order to keep the length of your legs and torso in proportion. Ideally you should try and find a suit jacket with as many pockets as possible as this helps to draw the attention away from the straightness of your figure and helps to create more horizontal lines on your body.

Another useful tip for buying a suit jacket is to try and choose a two button blazer as this will help to emphasise the width of your shoulders and add a more horizontal shape to your body.

When buying trousers for your rectangular shaped body you should avoid tight fitted trousers, and instead you should try to wear slightly baggy trousers to add some bulk around the leg area of your body.

Rectangular Male Celebrities

English actor Hugh Grant, male modelAshton Kutcher, Jared Leto, Jim Carrey


Hugh Grant


Ewan Mcgregor


Jim Carrey


Ashton Kutcher

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