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Sometimes you may think it’s a good idea to save money and attempt to colour your hair yourself but it’s not always the case. Hair becomes easily damaged from styling products and colouring especially when bleached. If you colour your hair a lot it’s possible it’s been over processed and consulting a stylist before you do any more damage is sometimes necessary.

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Personally unless you have a friend or family member who has had experience bleaching previously coloured hair then my advice would be to contact a hairdresser for a consultation. You could be left with unwanted results otherwise especially if very dark (coloured or natural.)

Another time when a professional consultation comes in handy is when you want a dramatic colour change; sometimes colours have to be changed in stages as the end result is not always achievable in one step. This can be frustrating but if this is the case then colouring you’re hair gradually around every 4-6 weeks will be so much better for its condition and you may even come across a shade through the changing process you love instead!

Stripping hair can be done quite easily if you know how but in my previous experience working in a salon we had more colour corrections being booked in due to people trying to strip their hair themselves more recently then ever. It can be a lengthy and costly process to correct hair that’s gone wrong, it often ends up patchy and has lots of different undertones needing a lot of colour putting back in to correct it. If you are thinking of stripping out a colour and have more then one colour underneath then I would strongly advise you get a hair dresser to do it for you.

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