Skater Dresses for Pears Figures

Skater style dresses are absolutely perfect when it comes to pear shaped figures, the style of them falls just right over your curvaceous hips whilst the usually fitted bodice will show off your slender top half.

pear woman

Main Traits of a Pear Shape Figure.

  1. Wider hips and thighs
  2. Narrower shoulders
  3. Wider bottom
  4. Smaller bust

Scater dresses come in numerous lengths, colours and fabrics to suit different tastes and ages, the most popular ones all over the high streets and on the cat walks this season are perfect for parties as we’re getting close to winter and the Christmas period. It’s their ‘tutu’ style skirts structured or layered with netting that make them so flattering for your body shape.

They are available as glitzy and glamorous as you can imagine with bodices embellished from top to bottom with crystals, sequins and lace, they are often fun and flirty but they don’t have to be worn only to special occasions.

As this style is so flattering on pear shaped ladies it’s a must to invest in some less extravagant variations of the prom dress for day wear; wearing the skater dress style in a plain solid colour in a polyester or rich jersey cotton fabric with a pair of tights, ankle boots and a loose fitting shoulder enhancing blazer is a very stylish smart/casual option that’s bang on trend.

Another option you have is to recreate the silhouette of the prom/skater style dress with a high waisted skirt that flares out from the waist paired with a fitted top. Style your hair with tonnes of volume and this will not only be your greatest glamorous accessory but keep your body shape balanced!

A couple of tips to keep in mind when shopping for your newly found ideal style is to avoid skirts made from thin cotton as these will just cling to your hips and stick to darker shades on your lower half. Aside from them go as crazy or understated as you like just make sure you have one of these staple dresses in your wardrobe this Christmas!

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