Skin Tones

Finding a hair colour that looks good on you or makeup that compliments your skin tone can be tricky. Being able to determine your skin tone will help you to make informed decisions about colour selections for hair, makeup and clothing. There are several simple observations you can make to help you figure out what your tone is.

How to Determine Your Skin Tone

When trying to determine your skin tone it is important to wash your face and then wait around 10 minutes to let the true tones of your face surface, after scrubbing your makeup away your face tends to flush and get blotchy this could give you a false indication of skin tone.

After 10 minutes from getting all that makeup off your face, find a large mirror and a white sheet of a4 paper stand in the mirror and compare your face to the paper. How does your skin look? If its yellow or golden in colour you have a warm skin tone, if it’s a pinkish or a red colour you have a cool skin tone.

Some lucky few people find it difficult to determine a specific skin tone and have some attributes of both witch can mean they look good in just about any colour; this is called a neutral skin tone.

Colours to Suit Your Skin Tone

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People with warm skin tones look best in colours with golden undertones, camel, beige, brown, orange, gold and dark brown. White is a good neutral colour for warm skin tones, if you had a choice of black or white white would always be the best option for you.

Those of you with cool skin tones are best suited to pastels and soft neutrals colours, lavender, pink, pale blue, cream and mint green look fabulous on you. Bold and bright colours should be avoided they will look harsh against your skin and make you appear paler than usual.

Lucky for you with neutral skin tones you seem to look your best in any colour whether it is bright, bold, pastel or neutral! The tip here is to choose colours your confident in, just because a brilliant bold colour suits you if you don’t feel confident standing out in the crowd it won’t do you any justice. Be comfortable in the colours you’re wearing!

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