Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are now the most sought after denim since flares in the 70’s thanks to almost every celebrity in the biz, in fact 80% of jeans sold in the high street to women are skinny! So lets start with the basics: body shapes, first of all if you are pear or hourglass, excellent you probably already know that you can pull of almost any look.

apple shape jeans

As for boyish, skinny jeans are made for you, but you may need a little something that will create mystery or emphasise your curves as skinny jeans will follow your slendar figure tight to your legs and bum. Apple shaped women can be a bit more complicated, lighter skinny jeans will definitely make your legs and bum appear thinner but it totally depends on your personal shape, if your waist is bigger than your bust I would recommend to stay away from them, If your bust is bigger by all means fill your wardrobe with them.

Ok so now body shapes are out of the way let’s move onto colours, light skinny’s will draw attention to your legs while also being ideal for casual wear so if you are a leggy woman and want people to notice without wearing hot pants these are ideal.  Dark skinny’s are more suited to evening wear creating a classy elegant look, they should be paired with high shoes for best effect but if you are a taller woman and don’t want to grow a inch or two, don’t be afraid to slip on some Ugg’s instead.

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