Skirts and Trousers for Boyish Shaped Women

Soft skirts with materials that flow and swing are better for you than boxy minis for example because the former create the illusion of wider hips. For nights out, a swingy bias-cut dress will look sexier with girly heels.

boyish woman

Main Traits of a Boyish Shape Figure.

  1. Undefined Waist
  2. Narrower Hips
  3. Small Bust

Pencil skirts and slender shifts play up your lean looks. You can pair this with a knit top in nearly any length, as long as it fits in a straight line that skims the body without indenting at the waistline.

Mermaid skirts, skirts that are layered and textures as well as tulip skirts create bulk but without making you look frumpy.

The new bubble shorts and skirts will give your slim hips the illusion of more curviness, they work well with a tucked in slim knit top or with a cropped top

The general rule for your body shape when is come to trousers is tailored is better. Fit matters for the boyish figure.

Linen trousers would be a great option for summer giving you and elegant look whilst keeping you cool at the same time.

Detailing on the hips and bum will help broaden your hips however be careful when it comes to cargo pants, unless you can find a pair of cargo pants that are classed as feminine they will just make you appear more boyish.

If you’re feeling daring why not try peg or carrot leg trousers, they have a similar shape to them as skinny jeans (your best friends when it come to jeans!) they will show off your long lean legs whilst adding a tough of fashion.

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