Stonewashed Jeans

Stonewashed jeans are a great look they suit most women and are fabulous for casual occasion. Almost all women, of all body shapes will look amazing in a pair of stonewashed denims, however not all skin tones will look as great.

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If you are darker in colour, stonewashed will emphasize your natural skin tone and make you radiate highlight your beauty. For paler women this style of jeans are probably not for you the lighter colour of the jeans will only enhance the paleness of your skin and will make you feel paler than you are.

Stone-wash is a complimenting combination with white, a pair of white shoes, t-shirt or a belt  will look fabulous together and will make your casual clothes sexy yet sophisticated. Pairing stonewashes with high heels will give a sexy classy look, or if it’s just to pick the kids up from school some dolly shoes for a casual daytime look.

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