Strapless Bra

The strapless bra is basically as its name suggests a bra without straps! Strapless bras come in different styles its most common shape is the Balconette, occasionally strapless bras are seen in Full Cups too.

Strapless bras have to be the perfect bra fit to avoid any slipping out of place that many of us would not appreciate. Many strapless bras are padded and wired for extra support, in most cases they are a sturdy bra for that added sense of security.

Strapless bras are the ultimate bra for summer months allowing you to wear boob tubes and strapless summer dresses whilst still getting the support you need. For that strapless and backless look you can get bras that are stick on, they often look like chicken fillets. Giving that perfect advantage for that sexy party dress which are strapless but backless too!

Which Body Shape does the Strapless Bras Suit Best

Although strapless bras still give lift and support they are not recommended for ladies with larger bust like the apple shaped figure, if you’re bigger then a D id give it a miss unless you get a special designed one for big breasts.

However lucky for you pear shaped girls and boyish figures these bras are a god send, there a must have in a wardrobe and were designed for smaller boobs like yours.

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