Sunglasses for Oval Shaped Faces

If chosen correctly sunglasses are capable of enhancing your best features whilst drawing attention from your not so best, they can completely change your overall look. It’s important you think about frame shape and size in comparison with your face shape. A general rule for sunglasses is smaller frames are best on smaller frames as larger frames are better on larger faces.

sunglasses oval shape faces

Best Sunglasses for Oval Faces

  • Having an oval face shape is like having an hour glass body, it’s seen as being ideal or in some eyes perfect! You naturally have balanced proportions, basically you can pick your favourite shades and they will most probably look fabulous!
  • Rather than worrying about shape think about fit and colour. As almost anything is going to suit you just make sure you feel comfortable in them and they suit your personality.
  • Frames with some form of angles will add a little extra definition to your soft feature however rounded frames will also look great, experiment with the latest fashions and see what takes your fancy.

Sunglasses to Avoid for an Oval Shaped Face

  • Stay away from sunglasses that overpower your features, you don’t want to knock your perfectly proportioned face out of balance and end up looking more round or square than oval!

Sunglasses on Celebrities with Oval Shaped Faces

Celebrities with oval shaped faces– Julia Roberts, Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Alba

Julia Roberts Sunglasses

Julia Roberts Sunglasses


Jennifer Aniston Sunglasses

Beyonce Sunglasses

Beyonce Sunglasses

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