Tall Women Clothes Tips

Tall women tend to either love it or hate it! Tall women can fall into any of the four typical body shapes, apple, pear, hourglass or boyish. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your model height or even make you appear to have lost a couple of inches if that’s your aim!

How Tall Women Can Appear Smaller

Make sure you buy clothes for tall women; there is nothing worse than seeing someone walking around with trousers flapping around their ankles. There are plenty of shops now that accommodate for taller women so make use of them!

Leggings should be worn with tops that cover your bum; tunics are great worn with leggings. They will suit your shape and are a great way of adding some fun patterns or colours to your wardrobe.

Layer your clothes, if you’re slim and tall layering is a fab way to keep with the fashion. Layering will allow you to experiment with all the amazing textures and patterns out there at the moment and lucky for you being tall and slim will mean you can do it all without looking bulky!

You may have model height but for some reason not everyone wants it, horizontal stripes are great if you wish you weren’t so tall. Invest in a stylish stripy shift dress for summer barbecues.

Small patterns are best suited to taller women, if you do fall in love with a large print try and wear it either on your top half or bottom. A dress with a large print on a tall girl will just give the illusion of being even bigger.

What Tall Women Should Avoid

Don’t slouch! This is possibly the most important rule for every one tall or not, tall women tend to slouch more obviously intending to make them appear smaller but all it does is make them appear as though they have a hunch back. Stand tall and proud!

Wearing shoulder pads for some reason makes tall women look not only tall but also big, it’s a look you want so avoid them.

Vertical stripes will have tall women looking like a bean pole especially if you’re on the slim side too.

Despise what some may think tall women can totally get away with wearing heels however if you wish you weren’t as tall as you are the answers simple, don’t wear them. There are plenty of fashionable flat shoes around and at the end of the day your feet won’t be in pain, perfect!

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