The Bikini

The classic bikini is perfect for apples, pears and hourglass figures! The classic bikini top is similar to a full cup bra. Cups can be under wired or non-wired, apple and hourglass shapes should opt for under-wired one to help give support and lift those beautiful boobs.

the bikini

If you have wide shoulders like typical apple ladies then go for a top with thicker straps, this will help make your top half appear smaller and more in proportion with your bottom half.

For pear and boyish shapes, or women who don’t need the full support of an under-wire bikini consider a more padded non-wired top, this will help you appear bigger up top if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Classic bikini bottoms are just like a classic high cut brief, they give full coverage of the groin and rear.

The high cut shape of the bikini bottoms will help lengthen legs and have them appear slimmer, something most women would die for but especially great for pear ladies.

String Bikini

String bikinis are very popular especially in women under 30 while your body’s still at its best, but if you have still got it past 30 then flaunt it!

String bikini tops have two triangle pieces of fabric that cover the breasts, they tie at the nape of the neck and around the back.

String bikinis don’t provide much support so are more suited to pears and boyish figures that tend have smaller and pert boobs. The triangle cups come with padding and without some even come with removable padding so if you want to appear fuller go for one with more padding.

If you have broad shoulders like apple figures do then its best to give string bikini tops a miss, the halter style of the top will only make your shoulders appear even wider. However this is what pear shapes are looking for, a way to balance their small shoulders with their curvy hips. A halter neck is perfect!

String bikini bottoms are made in the same way as the top, two V like shapes of material are held together by tying the bottoms at the side of the hips.

When it comes to bikinis for some reason the less fabric your wearing the smaller you appear. This means that although string bikini bottoms do have full coverage over the bottom the minimal amount of fabric over the hips means that they suddenly appear smaller then they are, perfect for pears!

Be careful when buying string bikinis that you get the right size or at least one that has adjustable sides, there is nothing worse than seeing someone on the beach with fabric cutting into their sides and back.

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