The Tankini

The tankini is a modern take on the traditional bikini, still a two piece but with all the coverage of a one piece. The top half of a tankini can vary dramatically in styles. Tanikinis can be halter neck, bandeau or have straps varying in width from spaghetti to tank.










They also range in length as some stop a few inches above the hips while others finish at the waist band of the knickers. Bottom halves of tankinis also vary widely, you could find a tankini with almost any style briefs you liked quite easily if you had a proper look.

What style of tankini you choose will all depend on how comfortable you are with your body and what shape you are.

Hourglass figures

Hourglass figures have a choice when it comes to tankinis, halter necks and thicker straps will both do the job of holding your well-endowed bust in place. However if you do want to go for a bandeau make sure it has under wiring for support. As for length it’s up to you, show as much or as little stomach as you want!

When it comes to your bottom half boyshorts, brazilians, classic and string bikini briefs will all show off your beautiful curves. Boy shorts will provide the most coverage and brazilians the least. Being hourglass your very lucky that most styles will suit you as long as they don’t knock you out of proportion, just try different styles on and see what you feel best in.

Boyish figures

Boyish figures should try and create the illusion of curves. Padding in the tankini top will help you look more feminine and curvy instantly. Having small breasts means you can get away with wearing sexy spaghetti straps, shapely bandeaus or even halters. Being naturally slender shorter tankinis will show off your lean physique.

To add width to the hips and help create curves, this is easiest done by going for bottoms with ruffles or other frilly fabric. If you’re not a real girly girl and don’t like the sound of summer spent in frills and ruffles then boyshorts are a good option for slim figures.

Apple shaped bodies

Apple shaped bodies aim is to look smaller up top and larger around the bottom to create the look of a perfectly proportioned silhouette. Like hourglass figures under wiring will help lift your large breasts whilst thick straps will not only support them but help your shoulders appear narrower. A longer tankini top would probably be best suited as they come with supporting control panels to help such you in and give you a more defined waist.

Try bottoms that are high on your waist to draw attention downwards to your shapely legs. The high cut leg will also lengthen them and make hips appear wider and more curvy.

Pear shaped figures

Pear shaped figures should go for halter neck tankini tops, they will help to maximise the bust and broaden the shoulder. Also they will create a fab cleavage which is always a good thing to help draw eyes up top. Opt for padding in tops and go for any length you feel comfortable in, if you don’t want to bare your stomach to all remember there is control tops available that help define a waist.

Stick to high cut bottoms to help length and slim out your legs, however if you’re happy with your shape boyshorts are a great way to flaunt big bums.

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