The Triangle Bra

Triangle bras are pretty self explanatory. Triangle bras are different to most bras and have unique cups that are simply triangle shapes of fabric similar to those of some bikini tops.

Triangle bras can be very sexy as the fabric tends to be thin and slightly transparent showing what’s underneath. Laces and silks are often used to make triangle bras.

Some triangle bras are slightly padded with pads or inserts usually with thin foam for a little more coverage and shape. These sometimes come under-wired to give extra support but triangle bras are designed for smaller pert breasts so are not very common.

Which Body Shape does the Triangle Bras Suit Best

Boyish shaped women can look very pretty and feminine in triangle bras, there detailing and sexy fabrics will give you a real girly girl image, they were made for small breasts like yours.

If you’re an apple shaped or hourglass and have breasts no larger than a C cup triangle bras with a little padding or underwire for support will look great on you. They won’t add any volume up top just give a bit of lift to what you already have great for both body shapes.

Having small breasts pear shaped girls can easily pull off triangle bras however they won’t help balance you out, you would be better suited to a bra that gives the illusion of a bigger bust.

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