The Triangle Shaped Man

Triangular shaped men have an ‘ectomorphs’ body classification, which is often a slim athletic look with a narrow chest. When a triangular shaped man puts on weight it will be distributed between the abdomen, chest and face and can sometimes look out of proportion to the rest of the body.

The Main Traits of the Triangular Shaped Body:

  • The chest is narrower than the hips
  • The lower part of the body is heavier than the top
  • Also you shoulder line will be sloping

A triangular shaped man can be seen as the lucky one able to loose weight easily and have low levels of body fat, however if they want that hunky body look they will have to work hard as triangular shaped men have a harder time gaining lean muscles.

Jeans for Triangular Shaped Men

When your favourite pair of jeans just won’t last any longer does it feel like a chore shopping for new ones? Well not any longer here are some helpful tips for triangular shaped men.

With your bottom half being larger than your top half you should opt for jeans that make your hips and bottom appear slimmer. Jeans with a little flare are a good option as they can help hide large thighs and balance out larger hips. The fastenings on the jeans should be nice and neat to avoid any extra bulking.

For a triangular shaped man I’m afraid you don’t get the pick of the lot when it comes to the colour of the jean, you should opt for darker denims and avoid light washed look jeans. If you do want a pair of jeans with a little fading it should be below the knee as anything higher will draw attention to your hips. Darker blues, greys, blacks and browns are the colour to go for they will give you a slimming affect and they still have that classic denim jean style.

Tops for a Triangular Shaped Man

As we mentioned above for a triangular shaped man were aiming for balance so you need to be looking for a top that draws attention to your upper body instead of your larger hips. Wearing shoulder pads will help bulk out your shoulders.

Finding the right fitting is important, you don’t want anything too tight as will make your shoulders appear smaller and your hips appear larger. A loosely fitted top yet not to baggy is the right fitting for you. Don’t be afraid to layer your tops, layers will you give you that extra bulk needed up top and will draw attention to your upper body.

When choosing the colour you want to be looking in the lighter section of t-shirts as paler colours can make an area look a little wider. Prints create interest so you should be wearing them as they will draw attention to your upper body rather than your lower body. Busy prints and horizontal stripes really flatter your shape.

Shirts for a Triangular Shaped Man

Finding a shirt can sometimes prove difficult with your upper torso being smaller than your lower torso. Finding a shirt that adds bulk to your upper half is important.

Wearing light coloured shirts will add width to your shoulder area. Shoulder pads will also help bulk out your upper torso.

When looking for a shirt you need to find the collar that goes with your shape, the best collars for you are, a medium spread collar and a standard straight point collar.

Jackets for a Triangular Shaped Man

Shaping your upper torso is the main aim; you need to find jackets that will bulk out your top half. Layering your clothing on your upper body with a jacket and a coat will work well.

You should opt for athletic style jackets with narrow body cuts and extra-large shoulder padding. You want to aim for shorter jackets you don’t want anything that goes longer than your hips.

Lighter coloured jackets will help create that larger look you are aiming for, wearing darker colours can slim out your figure which is what you don’t want.

Trousers for a Triangular Shaped Man

When finding a pair of trousers you should avoid pleats and fullness around the lower leg as this will create the illusion of larger legs which you already have as a triangular shaped man.

Contrasting your colour works for you so wear a darker colour trouser, black dark grey and brown work well. Also a soft loosely fitting trouser is what you need to be looking for anything to tight will make your hips and legs appear larger.

Suits for Triangular Shaped Bodies

Choosing a well fitted suit when you have a triangular shaped figure can be very difficult because your upper body is smaller than the lower part of your body, therefore emphasis needs to be made on bulking up the top half of your body.

You should opt for jackets with an athletic style with narrow body cuts and extra-large shoulder padding. This will help to emphasise your shoulders and will make the top half of your body appear more weighted giving you a better balanced proportion.

You should avoid trousers with pleats and fullness around the lower leg as these make the lower body appear bulkier and this is already the case with a triangular shaped figure.

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