Thong and G-String Knickers

Thongs and g-strings don’t have to be just for the brave, thongs are a little more modest but both styles have very little coverage of the behind. Thongs and g-strings come in various styles and fabrics, they are often wore by younger women with more peachy bums however there is nothing to say you can’t wear them even if your bum isn’t as firm as it used to be as they have a minimising effect.

A lot of women find thongs and g-strings comfortable, if you are one of them women try and wear cotton ones for everyday and save the fancy ones for special occasions.

Which Body Shape do Thong and G string Knickers Suit Best

You may not be that comfortable having your whole rear on uncovered and on display, but it is handy to have at least one pair of thongs as they are idea to wear under any tight fitting clothes to avoid the knicker line.

After all the main reason for women wearing these “next to nothing knickers” is to avoid the unsightly (VPL) Visible Panty Line!

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