Tops for Apple Shaped Women

Choose clothes that skim and not cling. Flowing silks and soft cottons tailored in simple designs gives you soft silhouettes rather than emphasize those extra curves. And best of all, these fabrics are comfortable.

apple woman

The main traits of your apple shaped body are:

  1. Larger Bust.
  2. Broader Shoulders.
  3. Narrower Hips
  4. Less Defined Waist

Dress in monochromatic or just a single colour with different shades rather than many colours. Different coloured top and bottom cuts your body in half but monochromes will make you look longer. Darker solid colours tops with small designs make your top half look slimmer. If you really want a top with some pattern, choose ones that have darker colours around the midsection with the pattern along the top to bring the eyes towards your chest and face and away from your tummy. Avoid bold patterns, large checks and light colours above your waist unless you want to look bigger.

Wear tops with a long shirt tails and rounded hems to camouflage the tummy. Wrap around tops, fitted but not tight, create folds over the stomach area. Tops with V-necks are a good choice because they pull the eye away from your shoulders while accentuating your best features. Avoid showing too much cleavage, though or else you’d end up with a look that’s less than flattering. Avoid low cut tops, too, basically for the same reason. Instead wear shirts with high necklines or thick

A cami or tank top with a matching jacket is always good during short walks or trips to the grocery. Baggy tops that that have puffy or full sleeves make your shoulders and arms look bigger so avoid them.

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