Trousers and Skirts for Apple Shaped Women

Wear shorter dresses and skirts to draw the eye towards your wonderful hips and thighs. Shorter could mean about 1 to 5 inches above the knee. An A-line skirt could give you an hourglass shape figure.

The main traits of your apple shaped body are:

  1. Larger Bust.
  2. Broader Shoulders.
  3. Narrower Hips
  4. Less Defined Waist

Find skirts and pants with flat fronts or better yet those that clasp on the side or with zippers at the side or back. Avoid pockets, pleats and gathers near the waist because this will add inches to your tummy. Chiffons and silks make great skirts for Apples and you could even try bold patterns and colours with this fabric in mind.

Stay away from bottoms that are too tight or pants and skirts that are perfectly straight because these will also make you look bigger on top. Try boot-cut and flared legs for pants and A-lines for skirts to make you look leaner.

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