Underwear for Boyish Shaped Women

Underwear for boyish shaped ladies should aim at visually increasing the breast and hips and bottom and at the same time trimming the waist visually smaller to give the look of a curvier figure!

Don’t forget that what you wear underneath your well chosen clothes also makes a difference in how you feel too!
boyish woman

Main Traits of a Boyish Shape Figure.

  1. Undefined Waist
  2. Narrower Hips
  3. Small Bust

Wearing the right underwear for your body shape is essential. For the best results choose well fitting undergarments that will complement your boyish shaped figure, this will effect how good you look once dressed and give you that great foundation.

Bras for the Boyish Oblong Shaped Body


The boyish shaped woman usually has very little in the breast area, this can be compensated for quite easily by giving yourself a boost with the help of a the right bra. The padded bra will be one of your best assets along with other styles such as the balconette bra, push-up bras or a Wonderbra.

Not only will these bra styles make you feel more blessed along the chest area but the padded bra will also give the curvy look to your figure and of course draw attention upwards. Frill detail and pattern to the bra will draw the eye to the smaller area and create that balanced look too.

Briefs for the Boyish Oblong Shape Figure

The bottom and hip area tends to be narrow in the boyish figure, hipster knickers, bikini briefs or larger cuts of knickers will visually add shape to your bottom and hips, ideal for an instant figure. Where as the high cut brief can make your thighs and legs look slimmer which may make you feel even less shapely.

Today many women buy shapewear to enhance their best assets and to smooth and slim out certain areas of their body. For boyish shaped ladies shape-wear would not be needed other than to maybe clinch in the waist slightly for more of an hourglass look.

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