Underwear for Hourglass Shaped Women

Wearing the right underwear for your body shape is essential. For the best results choose well fitting undergarments that will complement your hourglass figure. This will effect how good you look once you are dressed and will give you that great foundation.

hourglass woman

The hourglass has the perfect body shape, embrace your curves but ensure you wear the correct sized underwear.

Don’t forget that what you wear underneath your well chosen clothes also makes a big difference in the way you feel too!

Main Traits of a Hourglass Shape Figure.

  1. Bust and hips nearly the same size.
  2. Well defined waist – 9″ or more smaller than bust.
  3. Full Bust.
  4. Shapely Legs.

Bras for the Hourglass Figure

The hourglass women may have a tendency to want to cover up their ample chest area as they feel they are too large at the top, some try to squeeze into bras with a smaller cup size as a hope to reduce the emphasis on the bust.

For ladies with a larger bust and would prefer to be minimised the ideal style of bra will be the full cup bra, half cup bra, or, if you are especially big busted the minimiser bra. The hourglass may also feel comfortable wearing the balconette bra and a plunge bra can be good.

The hourglass may not have enough support wearing the strapless bra and triangle bras, the push-up bras and padded bras are also to be avoided as you simply do not need to emphasise your bust!

Did you know that there is a huge 70%+ of women wearing the wrong bra sizes! You may think your decreasing the size of your boobs by wearing a smaller cup size, but by squeezing those assets into bras which are too small will only give the spilling out look and make your boobs look bulging and misshapen.

Briefs for the Hourglass Figure

Today many women buy shapewear to enhance their best assets and to smooth and slim out certain body areas. For hourglass shaped ladies shape-wear can be used to draw the eye to the waist with maybe a vertical stripes, pattern or detail that will visually draw the eye to your narrow waist.

If your not into the whole shape wear idea and are perfectly happy with your silhouette (which you should be!) simple pretty bras and matching briefs will draw the attention to your upper body complimenting your hourglass shape.

Hourglass ladies need to realise that they have the perfect symmetry and should show off all of their assets and curves.

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