Underwear for Pear Shaped Women

Underwear for pear shaped ladies should aim at visually increasing the breast size and also reducing the size of the hips and bottom! Don’t forget that what you wear underneath your well chosen clothes also makes a difference to the way you feel too!

pear woman

Main Traits of a Pear Shape Figure.

  1. Wider hips and thighs
  2. Narrower shoulders
  3. Wider bottom
  4. Smaller bust

Wearing the right underwear for a pear shape is essential. For the best results choose well fitting undergarments that will complement your pear shaped figure. This will effect how good you look once dressed and give you that great foundation.

Bras for the Pear Shaped Women

The pear shaped woman usually has a smaller bust area, today it is quite easy to compensate for this and give yourself a boost with the help of a balconette bras, push-up bras and padded bras, not only will this make you feel more blessed along the chest area, but the padded bra will also help to create the look of having smaller hips, a more defined waist and balance your larger middle area …and of course draw attention upwards!

For the pear shaped women out there with larger breasts – just make sure they are lifted and supported with a correct fitting bra of a decent quality. There is nothing you can do worse for your boobs then buy an incorrect fitting, unsupportive cheap bra, especially if they are on the larger side!

Detail, pattern and design to the bra will also draw the eye and create that balanced look to your body.

Minimising the Pear Shaped Hips and Bottom

Many women buy shape-wear to enhance their best assets and to smooth and slim out other areas. For pear shaped ladies this would be shape-wear to pull in and minimise the hips, stomach and bottom. This can be with magic knickers, side panels and extra support in the rear too.

The bottom and hip area can be smoothed too by wearing shapewear, shapewear has been massively improved in the last couple of years with extra emphasis on what women actually want to achieve by wearing it. Many stars wear shapewear to red carpet and other events, some of them even have their own design label, so why not invest in some yourself? Pear shaped women will find that the right shape wear will be an investment and can be worn on most occasions.

If your perfectly happy with your bottom half and feel you don’t need to wear shapewear to smooth out your figure then briefs should be around the style basis of smaller is better! The bikini briefs, a high cut brief or thongs and g-strings will help your thighs and legs look slimmer. Women with large thighs and hips look much slimmer in a brief that is high cut on the sides and with a lower rise. They make your legs look longer and slimmer and your hips and thighs look more balanced with your shoulders.

The absolute worst look for you would be to stick on a big full pair of Bridget Jones knickers! As the bigger style of briefs like the full classic or full brief may just make you look even bigger.

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