What Men Wear to Funerals

Dressing appropriately for a funeral is extremely important because if you don’t it can be seen as a sign for disrespect. It is tradition that people dress smartly for funerals and wear a black outfit. No matter what your relation is to the deceased you must still follow this dress code unless you are told different by the people who are arranging the funeral.

A plain black suit is most suitable for a funeral however any dark coloured suits are acceptable such as a dark, charcoal grey or navy blue. You should avoid brightly coloured shirts, and ties. A white shirt and black tie would be best suited for a funeral however you can wear any dark coloured shirts and ties such as a dark grey shirt or a burgundy tie with a white shirt. It is important that you wear black shoes and these should be smart shoes, avoid boots or any trainer type shoe.

Lastly you should ensure that you are clean, shaven and well groomed as this is seen to show a mark of respect to the deceased.

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